This videographer hijacks mundane objects with the help of the movingpicture. Answering to an urge to inject a bit of craziness and magic in our everyday lives, he poetically transforms our environment. Such The Strange Elevator, where one might all of a sudden come across a zebra or a chicken, The aquarium car or Kissing Lamps where the local residents greet the passers-by with kisses 

Stéphane Masson is also the creator of the SuperBox ( Using Holographic solutions ) , Supercube or the Vidéo Gun.

His projects are very successful and we can find them again in many festivals either in France or abroad ( Fête des lumières de Lyon, Singapour Art Muséum, Staro Riga , Lausanne lumières, Lanternes de Zigong, Llum Barcelone, Durham, Dubaï, ... )


S  T  E  P  H  A  N  E       M  A  S  S  O  N

u r b a n    h i j a c k i n g